The Lanarkshire Enlightenment

by Jargo



Lanarkshire in the winter does not lend itself to much apart from sitting in your house and playing music. This track is a result of a can of monster, two cans of stella and I think I may have eaten some haribo.


What has become of the silence of symmetry these patterns are clouded broken similes. This was the classroom where I learned geography but I cant find where I’m standing this tomb is a homage to be played out on cassettes and sleeping violet memories you hum the baseline and ill keep singing clean. Don’t pretend that you don’t like guns screaming violently its not my fault you do your praying so silently

Wake up and call your saints to arms
We’re not leaving here till the morning alarms
This dreaming could be an empire but your sleeping to much
I was brought here to be your saviour not your crutch

If this is the enlightenment then we need new candles, I’m not hear to be quiet but to shake on the handles of the door that’s been jammed to the room where the ghosts sit, I go there sometimes just to get my mind fit, for daydreaming of strange glory this world holds no ending, im just waiting on time to collapse and with your recollection bending, of that summer in Selkirk where you lost your father, I’m not hear to tell you it don’t hurt but to tell you that you matter

So praise him regardless of what he did to her
I don’t pay to write biographies that you need a script for
The plays that you create in your twisted mind
I’m just hear to tell you the truth it don’t matter if I’m kind


released December 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Jargo Scotland, UK

Jargo... Band from Scotland who play music... yip thats us.

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